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Australia Fishing Network (AFN) are the biggest fishing and outdoors media company in Australia, with over 20 years of experience and content for everyone from beginners to experts.


To keep up with the times, AFN were wishing to redesign their website which was starting to look like it could benefit from an update, and create apps for the iPhone and Smart TV to allow their viewers to stream AFN content on their device at any time.


After understanding what AFN wanted, Web Nudge set to work creating a new and user-friendly website that matched the image and personality of the AFN brand. Once the site was live and operational the app had also completed development, so Web Nudge began integrating the site with these new iOS and Android Smart TV native apps, allowing AFN TV viewers access to their favourite shows 24/7.


The updated website allowed visitors to see AFN as the modern and forward thinking presence in entertainment that it is, while the new app ensured viewers kept connected on their terms and supplied with whatever they wish for. Moreover, this accessibility let viewers know that AFN was there for them when they wanted, increasing their appeal to new viewers and making existing customer relations stronger.