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My Moovers are one of Australia’s premier specialists in the Removals and Logistics industry, packing, moving and storing with expertise and care to offer full relocation solutions.


The company wanted to expand to better meet customer demands and efficiently provide high quality services, yet they were being held back by their Customer Relationship Management and Reporting systems that were done on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet needed a lot of time spent on it, and automating it would mean a lot of time freed up that could be used on growing the business.


Web Nudge took the time to understand My Moovers’ procedures and set to work creating tailored Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Advanced Reporting systems for them, as well as a Drivers Tracker App.

The CRM is central to My Moovers, being used to book jobs, assign work to staff, input customer details and comprehensively record and report information for the business owners, while the Drivers Tracker App allows removalists to easily clock in and out, navigate to jobs, and take payments on-site.


Consequently My Moovers experienced all the benefits they anticipated and more, being provided with a central system to manage work, finances, customers and staff. These updated systems allowed a lot of time-consuming work to be automated, which freed up resources, increased efficiency and led to happier staff. Importantly, this allowed My Moovers to focus on growth while continuing to give customers a high quality service, meaning Web Nudge had enabled the expansion the business had been looking for.